Concept Vehicles


WM Motors is engaged in the development of new vehicles incorporating cutting-edge design and highly-efficient performance.


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Meticulously Tailored
A flowing Instrument panel, woodgrain accents and fine French stitching create a harmonious environment.




Elegant Comfort
Premium chocolate leather seating, an executive workstation, 4-port USB Hub and rear privacy window panels.



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Commanding Presence
Sleek contours, a sweeping roofline and sculptured body contours finesses the air from every angle with aerodynamic styling.



Handsomely Sculpted
Confidence, power and presence is how craftsmanship places comfort in a stunning context.






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Modern Refinements
Precisely defined lines and surfaces create a sense of comfort and exclusivity.


Sophisticated Design
The sophisticated design creates a private sanctuary for all passengers.




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Opulent Accents
In sunlight or under the moon, bright accents accentuate the graceful exterior lines.


Focused Lines
The aesthetically pleasing design catches the eye and harnesses the wind for an aerodynamic, energetic and efficient ride.